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United Kingdom: famous sights

The Big Ben (or the Elizabeth’s Tower)

Interesting facts about Big Ben:

  • News programs in England start with a photo of this Tower.

  • Almost all documentaries and feature films about England use the image of Big Ben in the screen saver.

  • Some years ago Big Ben was a prison for parliamentarians who were riotous at Parliament’s meeting sessions. The last prisoner was Emmeline Pankhurst, who fought for women's rights. In honor of this woman, a monument is erected in Parliament square, where Big Ben stands.

  • The accuracy of the clock is regulated by a 1-penny coin (if necessary, the coin is placed on the pendulum and its movement slows down by 0.4 seconds per day).

Tower of London

  • The last execution at the castle took place less than 80 years ago.

  • Visitors of the Tower are frightened by the ghost of a bear, who escaped from the zoo.

  • Two small boys disturb the visitors of the Tower. They were two princes aged 10 and 12, who were killed by their relative king Henry VI.

  • Tower became Anne Boleyn's place for lifelong imprisonment. She was a beheaded Queen, who was accused of treason during her lifetime. Now she continues to wander the corridors even after her death.

  • It is believed that if the crows fly away from the tower, then the British Empire will fall. Therefore, according to an old custom, they periodically trim the flight feathers on the right wing, which is a painless procedure. The oldest raven in the history of the population is considered to be Jim Crow, who lived to a very old age, 44 years.

Trafalgar Square

Все о Лондоне - Трафальгарская площадь

  • The square was named after the victorious battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

The square has been reconstructed many times. Fountains were rebuilt, pedestrian zones were expanded, and the surface was changed. As a result of repairs, the remains of a giant hippopotamus, rhinoceros and even a cave lion were discovered here.

  • Every year, the country's main Christmas tree is installed in Trafalgar square, and it is traditionally presented to the UK by the Norwegian government — as a sign of gratitude for the British participation in the liberation of Norway during the Second world war.

  • Until recently, one of the attractions of the square was flocks of pigeons, which were favored by tourists who fed them, and then you could buy grain for them. City ecologists were able to count the birds, and it turned out that they are going to the area of up to 35 thousand.

  • George Washington, one of the US presidents, has never visited the UK, and once publicly stated that he would never set foot in London. When the Americans gave London a statue of Washington in 1924, this wish was not ignored. Together with the monument, a piece of ground was brought from the United States, which was placed under the pedestal of the statue in Trafalgar square.

Tower Bridge

  • In 1977, in honour of the silver jubilee of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, Tower Bridge was painted in red, white and blue colours.

  • In 1952, a London bus ended up on the bridge at the time of the raising. The driver had to accelerate the vehicle so that it could jump from one side of the bridge to the other.

  • Since Tower Bridge is a symbol of the capital, it is often referred to simply as London Bridge. However, a Bridge with this name also exists and is located upstream of the Thames. In 1968, because of this confusion, there was even one funny case. The American businessman Robert McCulloch bought London bridge, intended for demolition, taking it, according to rumours, for the Tower Bridge.

  • Once the bridge was raised 50 times a day, but today it happens only a few times a week.

  • In 1997, a bridge suddenly closed for raising divided the motorcade of American president Bill Clinton. Some of the cars then remained on one side, and the other on the opposite side. The event caused a stir among local residents.

Buckingham Palace

  • It is quite simple to determine whether the Queen is in Buckingham Palace or not: if the standard of the monarchs of the United Kingdom is flying over the residence, then the Queen is at home. Her house is also her workplace.

  • Despite the fact that the Palace is located in the center of London, in Westminster, every year it is visited by no more than 30,000 tourists. Of course, it is not a lack of interest, but the fact that visits to the Palace are allowed only in August and September, when the Queen leaves it.

  • According to the official website of Buckingham Palace, it has 775 rooms. This number includes 19 state rooms, 52 bedrooms for the Royal family and their guests, 188 bedrooms for staff, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms.

  • One of the most notable parts of the Palace is the balcony. From here, during ceremonies and celebrations, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and the entire Royal family greet their subjects.

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